Standing Pouch

Stand-up Zipper Bag

  • Properties: Increase the convenience for consumer with standing type zipper bag
  • Application:Suitable for all types of snack foods
  • Material:OPP/PE/MPET/CPP

Coffee Stand-up Zipper Bag

  • Properties:With excellent barrier for WVTR and OTR. The one-way valve can degas the CO2 from coffee bean and ensure its aroma
  • Application:Suitable for coffee beans prodcuts.
  • Material:PET/AL/CPP

Frozen Food Stand-up Zipper Bag

  • Properties:Increase the convenience to consumer with stand-up bag with zipper.
  • Application:Suitable for all types of foods
  • Material:PET/LLDPE

Candies Stand-up Zipper Bag

  • Properties:Nice barrier properies for those OTR and WVTR sensitive products.
  • Application:Gums and Candies
  • Material:PET/PE/AL/CPP
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