Gusset Bag

Coffee Quad-Sealed Bag

  • Properties:rovides nice barrier for WVTR and OTR, can also use aluminum for long term shelf life
  • Application: Coffee beans products
  • Material:PET/PE/MPET/LLDPE

Gusset Outer Bag

  • Properties:Provide with translucent appearance with premium looking.
  • Application:Outer Bag
  • Material:Matt-OPP/PE/CPP

Powder Quad-Sealed Bag

  • Properties:Provide with paper-like appearance and increase the stiffness of bag
  • Application:Outer Bag

Powder Gusset Bag

  • Properties:To increase barrier for light, water vapor and oxygen and provide with mid-term shelf life.
  • Application:All types of powder products
  • Material:PET/PE/MPET/LLDPE
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