3-Side-Sealed Bag

Nuts Zipper Bag

  • Properties:Nice barrier for water vapor and oxygen, with use of zipper also increase its convenience to consumers.
  • Application: Suitable for all nuts products
  • Material:OPP/PE/MPET/CPP。

Meat S-Side-Sealed Bag

  • Properties:Have advance water vapor and oxygen barrier, can use zipper and increase the convenience.
  • Application:All types of food packaging
  • Material:PET/PE/MPET/CPP。

Facial Mask 3-Side-Sealed Bag

  • Properties:Excellent WVTR and OTR barrier to ensure the quality of products.
  • Application:Suitable for all facial mask products.
  • Material:PET/PE/AL/CPP。

Dietary Supplement 3-Side-Sealed Bag

  • Properties:Provide best barrier properties especially for WVTR and also have niceresistance for acid and alkali
  • Application:Suitable for those capsules and tablets products
  • Material:PET/PE/AL/CPP。

Frozen Foods 3-Side-Sealed Bag

  • Properties:Provide with nice white backing and slght barrier from ligth
  • Application:Suitable for all types of food packaging request for more solid white color as backing.
  • Material:PET/White-LLDPE
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