Center Sealed (Pillow) Bag

Center Sealed Bag for Frozen Products

  • Properties:Have nice mechanical properties for fast packing
  • Application:Suitable for frozen products.
  • Material:PET/LLDPE。

Center Sealed Bag for Frozen Products

  • Properties:To provide light shielding performance
  • Application:Suitable for frozen product which is light sensitive
  • Material:PET/MPET/LLDPE。

Dried Noodles Center Sealed Bag

  • Properties:Have both properties of film stiffness and toughness and prevent the puncture from noodles
  • Application:Suitable for dried products
  • Material:PET/LLDPE。

Candies Pillow Bag

  • Properties:Common spec for outer bag with nice machanical properties.
  • Application:Outer Bag
  • Material:PET/LLDPE。
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