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EGI is established in 1982 and currently one of the best manufacturer of flexible packaging materials in Taiwan. Over the years, we keep pursuing excellent quality, optimal service, innovative technologies and sustainable operation. We are cultivating localization richly while promoting globalization for Taiwan.

Base on customer satisfaction orientation, start from raw material selection, professional service, process control, facility renewal, employee training implement and practice of 6S workplace methodology is to ensure the quality commitment to our customers.

In May 2015, EGI has relocated the factory to current site. With expansion of the plant and renewals of facilities which lead us become one of top-ranking manufactures in flexible packaging industry. These reveal the management and staffs sharing the same team goal.

The investment of automated laser cylinder-making facilities which replaced most of the manpower handling by robotic arms and greatly improve production quality and efficiency. In the same time it is also with low energy consumption that correlate to the green earth concept.

For sustainability and social responsibility, in 2017 we lead to invest the first RTO (Regenerative Thermal Oxidizer) among the gravure industry. The removal efficiency of VOCs is compliant with local regulation. The process does not require external fuel and the waste heat can be recycled and reused again to practice the environmental protection and energy conservation for our next generation.

In prospect, we adhere to the same business philosophy of
“Be grateful and be humble to our customers”,
“Be proud and be confidence to our products”,
“Packaging Your Quality”. EGI, your best packaging solution!
Quality Certification
FSSC 22000
ISO 9001


BRC (British Retail Consortium) - The Food Packaging Safety Standard, recognized by the Global Food Safety Initiative (GFSI), is supported by major retailers and food manufacturers around the world. Most retailers in Europe and around the world will choose to cooperate with suppliers that have obtained BRC global standard certification. It also makes BRC certification an important certification for entering the international market.

FSSC 22000

FSSC 22000 is fully integrated into the ISO 22000 Food Safety Management System and ISO/TS 22004 Prerequisite Program, a global, auditable and comprehensive food safety management system standard. This standard has been recognized by the Global Food Safety Initiative (GFSI). It enables companies to meet the requirements of most global retailers or well-known food brand companies.


ISO22000 is a global general food safety and hygiene managemant tool and system which intergartes ISO 9001 and HACCP interantional standards. The standard provide organizations for food safety management system a guidance and framwork. This food safety standard is interantional recognized.


Hazard Analysis Critical Control Points, abbreviated as HACCP is the food safety and hygiene management rule promulgated by the Codex Alimentarius Commission in 1997. It emphasizes the source management model. The manufacturing process, from farm to table must be implemented by the product quality assurance system base on HACCP system.

ISO 9001

The ISO 9001 standard is one of the key steps for companies to strive to achieve sustainable development goals. Make the enterprise a tool to improve the overall performance of the organization, and improve the operation methods at each stage to achieve process improvement.


Sedex (Suppliers Ethical Data Exchange) is global supplier ethics information exchange platform with members in more than 150 countries. Many retailers, supermarkets, brands, suppliers require factories and manufacturers to join SEDEX members to manage their labor rights , health and safety, environmental and business ethics performance via Sedex. Once approved by the SEDEX Members Ethical Trade Audits (SMETA), the audit results can be recognized by all Sedex members.


Customer Recognition

We have been awarded the "Quality, Service, and Cost Efficiency Award" by Coca-Cola and the "Excellent Supplier Model Award" issued by Uni-President. Our dedication has won the recognition and support of our customers.

Governmental Recognition

Long-term commitment to the quality management system to promote and improve, and pay attention to the healthy workplace, to create a good working environment for employees, and become a model of peers.

Social Responsibility

In the spirit of giving back to the society, we provided material donations and sponsorships, so that recipients felt love and care.

Production Process
Innovation 01
Order acquisition 02
Pre-press 03
Laser cylinder-making 04
Cylinder proofing 05
Gravure printing 06
Solventless lamination 07
Dry lamination 08
PE extrusion lamination 09
Double-side inspection 10
Slitting 11
Slitting in Clean room 12
Bag making 13
Patent technology 14
Quality Control 15
Shipment & delivery 16

01 Innovation

Continuous research and development of new technologies, new processes, new materials to create packaging materials be broader, better quality, more features, lower production costs, providing customers with multiple choices.

02 Order acquisition

With one-stop solutions and complete employee training, we provide with professional consultation, conscientious service and excellent quality to our customer

03 Pre-press

Adopting MAC series computer with precise color calibration system, color separation and typesetting software to ensure the finest proofing color before mass production.

04 Laser cylinder-making

Imported Japanese fully automatic laser engraving cylinder-making system collocation with robotic arms to provide high precision and consistence gravure cylinder quality.

05 Cylinder proofing

Introduced Gravo-Proof multi color proofing machine to increase the proofing efficiency also improve proofing quality and meets customer expectation to color standard.

06 Gravure printing

Japanese made 9-color rotogravure printing presses with online defect inspection system which promotes high precision in printing quality. The use of benzene-free and ketone-free inks is safer and more friendly to our staffs, consumers and environment.

07 Solventless lamination

European high-speed solventless laminating machine, using solvent-free glue for film bonding is compliant to environmental requirements. No VOC emissions, no solvent residue problems make packaging materials comply with safety regulations.

08 Dry lamination

For packaging materials that require high bonding strength, dry lamination can be used to demonstrate excellent sealing/bonding strength. With on-line inkjet printing technology, it can provide serial number, random number, special symbol printing applied in lottery games, marketing activities to meet the diversified needs from our customers.

09 PE extrusion lamination

Tandem, double layers extrusion lamination machine can complete two layers of PE lamination simutaneously which improve production efficiency significantly.

10 Double-side inspection

The double-side inspection rewinding machine is automatically screening, isolating, eliminating defective film through its high-end computer and wide-frame photography monitoring system.

11 Slitting

Introducing Japanese high speed slitting machine, up to 250M/min to improve winding evenness and optimize winding tension to ensure the film feeding stability to our customers.

12 Slitting in Clean room

The clean room (class 100,000) is build for medical and contact lenses packaging film supplies.

13 Bag making

Varied bag making machines can produce flat bottom bag, sandwich bag, zipper bag, standing pouch (with/without zipper), pillow bag, gusset bag and various types of customize bag. The maximum output can up to 200 pieces of bag per minute which greatly enhance the production capacity.

14 Patent technology

The patent microwavable technology provides more safe, more convenient in using also keeps better taste for microwave foods. Moreover, the other double-line easy to tear patent to provide smooth tearing for consumers.

15 Quality Control

Implementation of in-line quality inspection and process control, collocation with ISO/IEC 17025 international standard of Laboratory to ensure packaging material safety.

16 Shipment & delivery

Self-contained gull-wing door truck fleet provides with more flexible and more swift delivery service to reduce the stock cost of customers. It makes us be the certain link of customer supply chain.

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